Education and Training

Education and Training

The engineers at Switch Media can create, design and operate online education portals to suit your college, school, university or training institution.

Learning portals for Education


Engage your students and staff, with a user-friendly online scholastic hub that delivers video anywhere with interactive services.  Deliver content channels for individual departments, and collaboration groups that are flexible and engaging learning spaces.

Scalable Platforms for Education


VCMS can also integrate easily with existing infrastructure and capture services thanks to its open, modular and scalable architecture. With platform support for an ever expanding range of popular devices we also provide access to API and SDK toolkits that enable quick, easy and cost-effective development of native branded apps.

Connect your existing lecture capture systems and other synchronous video environments to the VCMS media repository and enable centralized management, search, archiving and automated publishing of content to multiple devices.

Key components

  • Flexible and robust managed and user prioritised encoding services
  • Dynamic and Multi-Platform DRM support
  • Flexible content ingestion and capturing including support for multiple sources
  • Centralized management of metadata
  • Strong user and content authentication mechanisms
  • Variable and scalable data delivery paradigms
  • Multi-Screen Support (Every-Screen)
  • Robust integration with managed CDN services

Analytics Tools for Education


Measure your Traffic

Gauge the number of viewers who watch a video from start to finish.

Viewer retention

Measuring the average progress a viewer makes into a video. (For example a viewer retention rate of 75% refers to the viewing average of your video(s).  Shorter videos typically have higher viewer retention.)

Manner of consumption

We provide a suite of powerful tools to describe how viewers watch your video(s).  This highly configurable feature can identify aspects such as: resolution (low or high) and download or stream.

icon-analyseDrive Social Engagement for Education


Switch Media’s platform supports a wide range of social networking applications that make it easy for your subscribers to share and recommend their viewing experience with their friends and connections. Our services provide easy access to content sharing platforms such as email sharing, RSS feeds, links to popular social media platforms and easy player embedding on external sites.

Remote eAssessment services for Education


Enhance faculty training programs with rich-media and integrate video into your existing assessment systems.