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Switch Media design, develop and deliver OTT video solutions for a diverse range of industries from broadcasters and content providers, through to educational institutions and government.

 Our world-class Multi-Screen Video Platform, the Media Manager, and in-house expertise have enabled us to develop a suite of cutting-edge products that empower you to deliver high-quality media experiences through all of your digital channels.

We provide specific modules that easily integrate into existing infrastructure, or end-to-end solutions. From media management, monetisation, and app development, to distribution and analytics, Switch Media have got it covered.

Media Manager

Media Manager is a dynamic media management solution that enables upload, archive, edit and delivery of your media to multiple online devices, with automatic analytics on viewer uptake.

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AdEase is a server-side ad insertion solution with advanced anti-ad-blocking and audience targeting capabilities. Enabling pre, mid and post-roll ad placement, AdEase provides a personalised viewing experience for your audience, as well as maximum revenue for you.

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Switch Live

Switch Live is a framework for capturing, encoding and publishing live streaming video content to any screen or device.

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Switch Live2VOD

Switch Live2VOD is an end-to-end solution that captures, encodes and stores live and linear video content for on-demand use.

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AppSolute is a highly optimised and customisable multi-screen app framework that enables you to deliver Live and On-Demand content to your own fully branded app quickly and easily.

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Universal Player

A lightweight, highly optimised, multi-platform JavaScript player, the Universal Player is compatible with a range of platforms including CE-HTML devices (HbbTV and various consoles) and HTML5 compatible browsers.

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