Switch Live2VOD

Switch Live2VOD is an end-to-end solution that captures,
encodes and stores live and linear video content for on-demand use.

Switch Live2VOD provides tools for operators to easily access, manage, edit and republish live content for on-demand viewing and rebroadcasting live streams.

Utilising Switch Media’s powerful cloud based Media Manager, Switch Live2VOD provides a suite of tools and functions that content providers can use to publish on-demand video quickly and easily.

  • Capture - feeds are captured from one or more IP streams from a variety of sources and stored for any predefined time period, depending on requirements (usually 2-4 weeks).

  • Encode - video content is encoded by high performance transcoders coordinated by the Switch Media Manager in priority sequence ensuring programs are processed and published.

  • Store - once encoded, content is permanently stored and can be accessed through the Switch Media Manager.

  • Manage - video content is available for editing, publishing, expiring and exporting via the Switch Media Manager.

  • Distribute - once approved, edited video content is distributed as required, whether it be direct to a user interface developed by Switch Media, integrated with a 3rd party platform, supplied via an API and player, or posted to Social Media.

Key features

  • Flexible, scalable and customisable, end- to-end Live to VOD servicelive2VOD_logo
  • Content captured IP streams, DVB-T/S tuners and SDI/HDMI
  • Exceptional encoding capability, utilising Switch Media encoders
  • User friendly editing, trimming and segmenting functionality
  • Syndication and publishing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others
  • Capture metadata such as EPG and CC data for editor searching and republishing
  • Ability to set processing priority, ensuring that programs in high demand are published first
  • Content can be archived for any predefined time period
  • Capability to detect, remove, insert or replace advertisements
  • Integrate with 3rd party platforms
  • Hybrid mix of onsite appliances and cloud based software where needed


As an optional extra, Switch Live2VOD can be set up in a fully redundant configuration, either within the same site or an external site.

Live2VOD Swift

A tailored version for content providers who want to swiftly release live to VOD. This version has a highly tuned workflow where programs can be encoded while they are being captured, allowing for the VOD versions to be made available within minutes of the end of a program airing.