Universal Player

A lightweight, highly optimised, multi-platform JavaScript player
compatible with HTML5 browsers and a range of platforms including
iOS, Android and CE-HTML5 devices (HbbTV and various consoles).

With customisable player skins, an easy to use interface, monetisation capability and analytics, this player is provided as a licenced offering with fully documented source code, and can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

The Switch Universal Player is a reliable, feature rich and easy to use player that may be licensed to broadcasters, app developers and agencies alike. This is a product that Switch Media use for their own projects and will be continually enhanced and maintained.

Key Features

  • Easy to configure and deploy, due to the centralised configuration and modular architecture

  • Standardisation of controls and events following best of breed approaches to user interaction

  • Modules are dynamically loaded at run time ensuring the most optimal download and memory footprint

  • Advertising support provided by extension module. Compliant with VAST (inc VAST 3.0) and VMAP standards

  • Bookmarks module provides markers on progress bar, expandable index either by player overlay or next to the player

  • Customisable player skins and layout can be easily implemented via HTML/ CSS stored in separate files

  • Easy to implement and possible to include the player in a website with two lines of HTML. Cross-domain support