Law Enforcement and Judiciary

The future of digital evidence management

Switch Media’s evidence management solutions provide judiciary and law enforcement with the capability to immediately and securely access live public CCTV streams, video evidence, and archives, with advanced ingest and search capabilities.

Switch Media’s solutions include:

  • Cloud based or internally hosted evidence management services
  • Evidence ingest, encode, transcode, bit rate optimisation, and encryption platforms
  • Live and archived CCTV streaming
  • Design and build of evidence management workflows
  • Chain of evidence security and access rights protection including audit of access through active directory integration
  • Evidence hosting, secure storage, archiving and distribution
  • GPS, case note and metadata tagging
  • Real-time service usage, reports and analytics
  • Workflow management and integration with existing content management services

Our evidence solutions utilise Switch Media’s powerful Evidence Management System (EMS), incorporating tailored applications and customised user interfaces to provide clients with a truly connected digital evidence service.

The EMS platform allows law enforcement to ingest video evidence, add case notes, and bookmark incidents within video footage. Members can then easily search by case number, offender, GPS location, license plate, or any field included in the video metadata. Supported by a rules based workflow, with actions performed automatically within the EMS platform, the EMS optimises archive, distribution and audit of evidence, allowing it to be securely managed and made available across an enterprise.

Our experienced team is ready to design, deliver and operate your vision for the future of digital evidence.

Switch Media solutions guarantee smooth access to evidence from virtually any connected device and offers friendly 24/7 technical support.