Media Manager

The Media Manager is a dynamic media management solution that enables upload, archive, edit, and delivery of your media to multiple online devices, with automatic analytics on viewer uptake.

Switch Media’s powerful cloud based video content management system, the Media Manager, has a robust and modular architecture that can be implemented as a standalone solution or integrated with existing systems or hardware.

The Media Manager ingests, encodes and stores multiple IP streams, as well as providing an easy to use platform that clients can use to access, manage, edit and publish to their end users quickly and easily.

Media management

INGEST – Live feeds and video footage from one or more IP streams and captions are ingested.

ENCODE – Video is encoded by a high performance transcoder coordinated by the Switch Media Manager.

EDIT – Easily edit, trim, bookmark and segment footage as required.

MANAGE – Store, schedule, export, create playlists, categorise and publish footage quickly and easily.

ANALYSE – Access instant insights around traffic volumes, viewer retention and manner of consumption.

 Key Features

  • Integrates easily with existing broadcast systems

  • Open, modular and scalable architecture

  • Flexible and user prioritised encoding services

  • Dynamic and multi-platform DRM support

  • Flexible content ingestion and capturing including support for multiple sources

  • Centralised management of metadata

  • Strong user and content authentication mechanisms

  • Variable and scalable data delivery paradigms

  • Multi-screen support (every screen)

  • Robust integration with managed CDN services