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Switch bullish on streaming market future

Source: iTWire 30 November 2017 Online video content provider Switch Media claims Australia is set for an explosion in demand in the streaming market as content owners, from TV broadcasters to sporting associations and event promoters, seek to capture the new multi-screen savvy consumer. Switch, an over-the-top streaming technology provider, forecasts greater demand as the […]

Marketer’s simple answer to adblockers: ‘Make ads less irritating’

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald 27 NOVEMBER 2017     Advertisers and adblockers have gone head to head, but experts say the focus of marketing companies is now moving away from technological work arounds to stopping consumers from wanting to download them in the first place. Christopher Stenhouse, chief executive at Switch Media, warned technology would continue to be neck and neck, […]

Ad insertion solution AdEase addresses issues highlighted by recent research

Switch Media worked with Stable Research to commission a body of primary research which explores Australia’s media viewing preferences and consumption habits. See press below for a sneak peak on some initial findings.   Source: Ad insertion placement costing OTT publishers massive revenue, Streaming Media 07 NOVEMBER 2017 Ad insertion placement costing OTT publishers massive […]