Maximise revenue, defeat ad blockers and

leverage data for audience targeting with ease

  • AdEase server-side ad insertion

AdEase enables world-class multi-screen server-side ad insertion for both Live and VOD content with zero buffering and a continuous TV-like experience.

Platform agnostic with no ingest required, AdEase provides a personalized viewing experience for individuals and households, as well as maximum revenue for you.

Equipped with a variety of advertising schemas including pre, mid, post-rolls, lower-thirds and overlays, this solution ties in easily with existing multi-screen delivery workflows and seamlessly integrates with a range of primary ad-servers and programmatic platforms.

AdEase can deliver ad or promo content, simple share voice, or rules based campaigns. Alternatively, integration into programmatic supply and/or demand side technologies, such as Appnexus, Telaria, SpotX, Videology and others, is delivered through our VAST integration.

AdEase can integrate into 3rd party content management platforms so there’s no need for client ads and media to be re-ingested into Switch Media’s system. AdEase simply pulls the media from its existing platform, injects the ads into the stream, and delivers it to its destination.

Utilising the advanced integration capabilities of our cloud based Media Manager, AdEase easily overcomes ad blocking software on desktop and mobile devices. Seamlessly integrating ads into the content results in a continuous video stream that is not only harder to isolate and block but eliminates buffering. This maintains audience viewing which ultimately increases ad completion.

AdEase’s data capabilities give you the power to deliver a personalised viewing experience for your audience, as well as new and more effective monetisation opportunities for your business. You can tailor ad insertion policies by the type of event, time of day, user location, or by specific rules dictated by a sponsor or broadcaster.

With a range of analytics available you can execute server to server tracking and identify opportunities for the continual improvement of user experiences.

Additionally, when leveraging our Universal Player, adease can deliver in-browser and in-app companion ads to deliver tightly coupled video plus MREC / banner ad campaigns.

Key features

  • Dynamic server-side ad insertion for VoD, linear, and live video content

  • Access to live streams for on-the-fly ad insertion

  • Advanced anti-ad blocking capability

  • Custom integrations to support audience and household targeting

  • Platform agnostic, flexible and scalable cloud based infrastructure

  • Detect and replace ads based on configurable rules

  • Companion ad support via HTML and JS

  • VAST 4.0, VMAP, DAAST and MRAID compliant


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