Switch Media - MediaHQ - Powering effortless video

MediaHQ is a flexible suite of components that offers a range of video management products and services.

With a powerful workflow engine, MediaHQ allows task-based integrations with existing systems and processes allowing you to enhance, replace or launch a world-class video experience across every screen, effortlessly.

The MediaHQ product suite houses modular components that easily integrate with existing systems. Coupled with our powerful workflow engine, we simplify complex tasks to empower the seamless delivery of content for online and traditional broadcast.

Designed to minimise the complexity of content delivery, MediaHQ enables use of any or all of its components to enhance, replace or launch an exceptional viewing experience.

Using MediaHQ, you’ll benefit from over a decade’s worth of award-winning solutions based on our compartmentalised modular tool chain.

Addressing the shifting video technology landscape, Switch Media understand that broadcasters and publishers are looking for simple, clean tools to assist in the video supply chain journey, beginning when broadcast content is acquired right through to end-user consumption.

Select from individual components available in MediaHQ to enhance your video workflow.

Alternatively, choose from MediaHQ’s advanced product suite which includes Media Manager, AdEase, LiveStreaming, Live2VOD, AppCMS, Universal Player, and Telemetry.

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Each Switch Media product below contains components from MediaHQ

Switch Media Manager

Media Manager

Media Manager is a dynamic media management product that enables upload, archive, edit and delivery of your media to multiple online devices.

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AdEase is a server-side ad insertion product for live and on demand content with advanced anti-ad-blocking and support for addressable advertising capabilities. AdEase provides a seamless TV-like personalised viewing experience for your audience and maximises revenues for your business.

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Switch Live - live streaming video solution


LiveStreaming is a product for capturing, encoding and publishing live streaming video content to any screen or device.

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Switch Media's Live2VOD


Live2VOD is an end-to-end product that captures, encodes and stores live and linear video content for on-demand use.

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Switch Media - AppCMS for multi-screen app delivery


AppCMS is a highly optimised and customisable multi-screen app framework that enables you to deliver live and on demand content to your own fully branded app quickly and easily.

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Switch Universal Player

Universal Player

A lightweight, highly optimised multi-platform JavaScript player, Universal Player is compatible with a range of platforms including CE-HTML devices (HbbTV and various consoles) and HTML5 compatible browsers.

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Switch Telemetry for video


Telemetry provides a comprehensive suite of analytics capabilities designed to measure the performance of online video, allowing you to optimise content to drive better business results.

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